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Question: "What is your favorite novel that you have written?"SK 

Answer:  Whichever one I am currently working on."ERD


Question:  "What  author(s) influenced you the most?"CF

Answer:  "Jack Finney & Robert Nathan."ERD


Question: "How do you get the ideas for your stories?" ANV

Answer: "Thinking of unusual situations  that could happen"ERD


Question: "You always have animals in your stories.  Do you have pets?"MPL

Answer:  "I have two dogs (Zuko & Casper), 1 cat (Raven), 1 Parrot (Dewey), and 1 turtle (Montague)"ERD


Question: "How much do you write a week?"DS

Answer: " It all depends on what I am writing and how creative I feel."ERD


Question: "Do you plan to go back to writing any more short stories?" BEC

Answer:  " Yes."ERD 


Question: "Do you plan to take a break in writing?"PL

Answer:   "I am not sure."ERD


Question: " Do you ever get discouraged  writing?"SD

Answer:   "If I do, I bounce back right away."ERD


Question:  "What is your favorite genre?"

Answer:  "My favorite genre is whatever I am writing at the time."ERD 


Question: "Were any of your manuscripts rejected?"RL

Answer: "Of course. you can't please everyone. I simply submit it to other publishers or do some revisions if I agree with the editor's assessment of the story."ERD


Question:  "Who influenced you to write?"YH

Answer: " No one. I just liked to do it.  However, when it comes writing novels, my son is the one who encouraged me to try it." ERD


Question:  "You have many artistic talents. Which do you like the most?"AO

Answer:  "Each of my talents has served me well during some period of my life. I am grateful to have them all and thank the almighty for giving them to me."ERD


QUESTION: "Do you have relatives  who also like to write?"  PW

ANSWERS: "Yes, most of my relatives are good writers. My dad wrote books and published articles, including  a pharmaceutical  Latin text when prescriptions were written in that language.  My oldest grandson had two short stories published when he was only eleven years old."ERD


QUESTION:  "You write a lot about time travel. Do you believe it is possible?"SG

ANSWER:  "There are many theories  about this, but it has not been proven."ERD


QUESTION: "Do you ever take things from your own life?"HC

ANSWER: "Every author is influenced by  some events in their life and will use them in varying degrees  when writing." ERD  


QUESTION:  "You have a lot of different talents (Writing, pianist, composing, acting, directing, and drawing. ) Which one is your favorite?"CLP

ANSWER: "Each of my talents has served me at the proper time in my life.  All of them make up part of my personality."ERD


QUESTION: "Do your stories always take place in the area where you live?"NW

ANSWER: "It depends on the story."ERD


QUESTION: "Did you ever get angry at an editor's comments?" DR

ANSWER: "There were a few occasions where the editor's technical criticisms were incorrect."  (I checked them out to make sure)"ERD


QUESTION: "You wrote one sequel to a story. Do you plan to do any more?"NL

ANSWER:  "It depends  if the story is suitable to have a sequel."ERD


QUESTION: "Have you always dealt with good editors?"IJ

ANSWER: "50/50!"ERD

QUESTION: "Are all your novels the same length?"HB

ANSWER: "No. I write as many words as the story requires."ERD


QUESTION: "Why are you revising  the novel you are writing?"GH

ANSWER:  I felt it needed more development and better proof-reading before being published."ERD


QUESTION: "How do you chose a publisher?"LK

ANSWER: "My book has to be a good fit for the publisher I chose." ERD


 QUESTION: "Do you plan  to write  in  a  genre you  haven't used?" BN

 ANSWER:  " Yes.  The novel I am writing now, CAUSE AND EFFECT, is  a coming of  age novel "ERD


QUESTION: "How long will it take you to write this new novel.                I am anxious to read it when you are through."DK

ANSWER: "I am not rushing it, so I can not really say  yet."ERD


QUESTION: "Who is the publisher for your new novel?"BN

ANSWER: "SOLSTICE PUBLISHING. (Check Upcoming Novels page on this website)"ERD


 QUESTION: "Why aren't the first 4 novels available any more?" HL 

ANSWER: "I got the  author's rights back for the first novel after three years as per that publisher's contract.

The publisher of my next three novels liquidated in January 2016 ."ERD  


QUESTION: "You wrote a few short stories for children,  will you do any more in the future?" TSK

ANSWER: "I don't know."ERD


Question: "What inspired you to write your latest  story MISSING?" JS

ANSWER: "My imagination." ERD 


QUESTION: "What made you suddenly start writing novellas and short stories again?" D S.

 ANSWER: "I think they are the right form for what I am writing now."  ERD


 QUESTION: "Is it easy to publish a story?" SC

ANSWER: "Anyone can self-publish and pay to have their stories printed.  In general, writing has become much more competitive in recent years. There are less qualified publishers to send manuscripts now. As for literary websites, they generally don't last more than a couple of years." ERD

QUESTION:  "When is your next story coming out?" NP

ANSWER:  "Various times this coming year. " ERD


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