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 Elliot Richard Dorfman taught theatre arts, broadcasting, music, and social studies in the New York City School System for more than three decades - as well as teaching private vocal and piano lessons from the time he was seventeen years old.  Elliot founded Suma Play Productions, Inc., and was the artistic director of its American Youth & American Theatre Repertory Companies.  Many of his former students have become successful actors, singers, writers, producers, directors, and teachers in various entertainment fields.


An actor and pianist since childhood, Elliot performed on and off Broadway, Town Hall, Carnegie Hall, the Waldorf Astoria, and the Hotel Astor in New York. He won a first rating gold medal in the National Piano Teachers Guild Biennial Recording Competition at nineteen years old.  Also a talented sketcher and painter, he studied at the Brooklyn Museum Art School.  


Mr. Dorfman is a former member of the NY Dramatist Guild, Brooklyn Music Teachers Guild, and the Associated Music Teachers League. He has written for radio and television, as well as appearing on various shows. His dramatic and musical plays have been performed professionally and presented at schools, camps, and community centers. 


After retiring and moving away from the city,  he began  to focus on writing  in 2007. Since then, 123 short fictional stories and several poems  have appeared in 42 publications. In 2008, the readers of Golden Visions Magazine voted Elliot as their favorite author. During that time,  Mr. Dorfman became a proud "full member" of The Fictioneers group.  

 The author began  writing novels after  his son suggested it:  CHOSEN ABOVE ALL OTHERS  (World Castle Publications- 2013),                          TO BE YOURS FOREVER,                                                                                                          A CLEAR DAY FOR TOMORROW,                                                                    A MOST PRODIGIOUS FAMILY (Beau Coup Publishing- 2014  and  2015),              & BEYOND ALL DREAMS (Solstice Publishing- 2016 ).

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You can contact  Elliot Richard Dorfman at  ellrite@hotmail, 

 facebook (https://www.facebook.com/ELLWRITE),                                                   or twitter( https://twitter.com/ellrite) .                                             


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